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 Smooth, Delicious, Energy-Boosting, Mood-Elevating

Awaken with INTENT. KB'S coffee has been sourced with true thoughtfulness — grown in the lush jungle of Espirito Santo Brazil, this coffee is cultivated using biodynamic, eco-friendly farming methods.

Biodynamic processes serve to add more nutrients and boost the soil’s natural fertility processes. The plants are always harvested at their PEAK to ensure all minerals, vitamins, and botanicals remain intact. In opposition to conventional farming’s often harsh methods, biodynamic farming enhances the soil with its holistic methods while also strictly eliminating the use of GMO’s pesticides, herbicides or chemicals of any kind.

Due to the low acidity of biodynamic coffee, you can enjoy a nourishing, smooth, delicious cup of KB's coffee multiple times a day without any negative effects or impacts on your gut and stomach. 

What you put into your body matters, and that truly starts at the root – with natural, healthy soil. Start your day with love and intention and the peace of mind knowing that your coffee is supporting farmers whose mission and passion is to nurture the soils we all depend on. 

Let KB’s unique blend redefine coffee as a transformative part of your daily ritual and awakened spirit.



Awakened Spirit

Boosted Energy

Increased Metabolism

Improved Health




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